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Founded in 2021, the Houston Girls Hockey Association - dba HTX Storm - is the only all-girls hockey organization in Houston.  We offer recreational and competitive programs for girls and young women from 8U thru 19U. 

Our focus is on player and personal development, building our Storm Culture, and providing pathways and opportunities for all female hockey players.   Organizational core values include commitments to Excellence, Attitude, Effort, and Respect.

For those new to the sport, we offer a Rookies program as well as Learn to Play sessions with reduced prices and loaner equipment available. 

For our recreational players, we field house-level teams at the 8U thru 14U levels which compete in the co-ed Houston Metropolitan Hockey League.   

For our more advanced players, the HTX Storm 12U Select and 14U Tier 2 teams provide opportunities to play in more all-girls competitive events and environments.

Beginning in the 2023-2024 season, the HTX Storm has been approved as a member organization within the National Girls Hockey League (NGHL).  Our 14U Tier 2 team will compete against other top programs across the country with increased emphasis on progression towards Tier 1, High School, and College pathways.

Also new for the upcoming season is the launch of a 16U/19U Team Texas program.  In collaboration with our friends in Dallas, we will offer a tournament team for our high school aged players of all skill levels to continue playing against all-girls competition.

Put together, our Programs create our "pathways" - the roadmaps for your daughter's development in this great sport.  We strive to provide opportunities for all skill and ambition levels, including opportunities with our partner organizations.

Read more about our pathways here, and our specific programs on the pages of this section of our website.

2023-24 Eligibility

House players can also join the 10U Tournament team (when offered), and 12U Select Team, as well as the Team Texas 16U/19U Team (as eligible)....  however, Tier II players may not participate in the House Program as well.

Tryouts for the Select and Tier 2 travel teams are held in June at the conclusion of the Spring/Summer season.


Q: How does House registration work?

A: Players should enroll directly with the HTX STORM.  We then pass along those payments to your rinks.   Players will practice at their local rinks, twice weekly with the coed teams.   After evaluations, you will receive your team assignment and play games with the Storm at the various rinks within the Houston House Metro area.  Also required is registering for our Storm Saturday practices at Ice Skate Memorial City.  


Q: What will all of this cost?

A: For the House 2023-2024 season, the Houston Metro House cost of $1575, plus a $350 fee for HTX STORM Saturday practices through the HGHA.  For our Tournament teams and Travel programs, costs will be comparable to other organization's.


Q: Can girls play on both the House and the 10U Tournament or 12U Select teams?

A: Yes.  We encourage all HTX Storm girls interested in a more competitive environment to consider these tournament teams.  These players will play both in the House league and then tournaments will be extra games (and practices).  For 10U, these will be discussed once teams are formed in the Fall.  For 12U Select, tryouts were held in June for the upcoming season.


Q: Does USA Hockey and the ADM support girls playing down against boys teams?

A: Yes!  All Girls programs per USA Hockey are eligible to play 1 level down when playing in any co-ed hockey league (playing against boys).  All-Girls Programs per USA Hockey must play appropriate birth year when playing any All-Girls Teams or Leagues (playing against all girls).  This is one of the reasons for the separateness of the House and Tournament teams.


Q: How do I know what level my daughter will be playing at?

A: HTX STORM coaches will assess players at a season opening evaluation session(s), and will advise you of the best options.  Final determination will be made by the HTX STORM Director of Hockey Programs.  We will correct any registration issues as needed.


Q: Is 8U offered for HTX Storm?

A: Yes!  Starting in Summer 2022, we began offering an all-girls 8U team.  This is before most programs begin dedicated Girls play, but we found that the love of the team and game really flourished at this level, and will be continuing this option for Houston girls.


Q: I don’t understand the jersey situation – can you explain?

A: HTX STORM House players will purchase two HTX STORM branded game jerseys (black and white) during the registration process. Our 12U Select and 14U Tier 2 Teams will need to order jerseys from the HTX STORM – these are a special embroidered black and white jersey set.