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Girls Hockey Program

2022-23 Season

The HTX STORM is planning to roster all-girls teams this Fall (2022-2023) season at all House levels: 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U.  We plan for skill appropriate House teams to play in Houston Metro League.

Plus, a Tournament teams at the 10U level to play in co-ed tournaments in Texas.

Plus, 3 Select Teams at the 12U, 14U, and 16/19U Prep level to participate in multi-game, all-girl tournament weekends during the season.  Try-outs will be required.

Fielding these teams will be subject to both interest and available ice time.

8U House // 10U House // 12U House // 14U House

The 2022-23 HTX STORM will support House-based program teams that will play in the co-ed 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U Houston Metro League House Program.  The players on these teams will practice at their local rinks, but will then be assembled from all of the rinks to play on a girls-only team against the other skill appropriate teams in the league.  The Coach will be a HTX STORM volunteer coach, and supplemental team-only practices are planned.  The schedule will be curated by the Houston Metro House Program to be skill appropriate. 

The Houston Metro House program will supply HTX STORM branded game jerseys to the girls playing on this team as part of their house registration.  An additional registration with HTX STORM will be needed for the additional practice ice time.

8U Eligibility: Girls age 7 and 8 (2014-2015) are eligible to be rostered on this team.  No leveling required.

10U Eligibility: Girls age 9, 10, 11, and 12 (2010-2013) are eligible to be rostered on this team; assignments will be made based on readiness to compete at this level by HTX STORM coaches.

12U Eligibility: Girls age 11, 12, 13 and 14 (2008-2011) are eligible to be rostered on this team; assignments will be made based on readiness to compete at this level by HTX STORM coaches.

14U Eligibility: Girls age 13, 14, 15 and 16 (2006-2009) are eligible to be rostered on this team; assignments will be made based on readiness to compete at this level by HTX STORM coaches.


Select & Tournament Teams

The 2022-2023 HTX STORM will go on the road with tournament teams at the 10U level, and "Select" (tryouts) at the 12U, 14U, and 16/19U levels. 

See the "Register" page for more details.


Q: What will all of this cost?

A: TBA.  For the house teams, the Houston Metro House costs, plus a fee for HTX STORM practices through the HGHA.  Travel costs will be comparable to other travel programs.  All fees will be established after the launch weekend on July 10 and 11, when teams are established, which will allow for practice ice scheduling.  Announcement to come in the August time-frame.


Q: Can girls play on both the House and Tournament teams?

A: Yes!  The tournament teams are separate only because of the age restrictions between House and USA Hockey requirements for all-girls competition.  We expect girls on the HTX STORM House team to be interested in the Tournament Teams as well.


Q: Can girls outside of the HTX STORM House Program play on the Tournament teams?

A: Yes.   As roster spots are available, they will be granted to eligible players, outside the program, and even outside of Houston – as eligible.  If there is enough interest to field more than one team at an age level, we will do so.


Q: Will there be dedicated practices for these teams?

A: Yes!  We will continue our Program Saturday practices at Ice Skate Memorial City; moving to two hours in 2022-23.  Practices will be "buckled" for age groups and teams to have dedicated time this season.


Q: Does USA Hockey and the ADM support girls playing down against boys teams?

A: Yes!  All Girls programs per USA Hockey are eligible to play 1 level down when playing in any co-ed hockey league (playing against boys).  All-Girls Programs per USA Hockey must play appropriate birth year when playing any All-Girls Teams or Leagues (playing against all girls).  This is the reason for the separateness of the House and Tournament teams.


Q: How do I know what level my daughter will be playing at?

A: The HTX STORM coaches will assess the players at several leveling events, and will advise you of the best options.  Final determination will be made by the HTX STORM Director of Hockey Programs.  We will correct any registration issues as needed.


Q: Is 8U offered for HTX Storm?

A: Yes!  Starting in Summer 2022, we began offering an all-girls 8U team.  This is before most programs begin dedicated Girls play, but we found that the love of the team and game really flourished at this level, and will be continuing this option for Houston girls.


Q: I don’t understand the jersey situation – can you explain?

A: HTX STORM House players will be given two HTX STORM branded game jerseys (black and white) from your home rink. Starting in 2022, Tournament Teams will need to order jerseys from the HTX STORM – these will include a home (white) and away (purple) embroidered jersey set.  They are available this year for those interested, but will not be used for games.


Q: How does House registration work?

A: Players will enroll in their local House rink as usual, and will also register with the HTX STORM for their House Program supplemental practices.  The HTX STORM will work with the rinks to ensure the players receive the correct jersey and are properly rostered by Houston Metro House League.  You will receive a coach assignment from the HTX STORM, as well as a supplemental practice schedule.  More information will come closer to the opening of registration.


Q: Will HTX STORM practices be at my home rink?

A: Sometimes.  No single rink can yet support an entire team, so we will rotate rinks for practices as available.  We cannot guarantee that you will have your HTX STORM practice at your home rink.