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Team Texas

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What is Team Texas?

Team Texas is best described as the STATE girls program.  We are better together, and all Texas Amateur Hockey Association (TAHA) Programs are contributing to the growth of the sport in Texas.

Team Texas events are open to all girls players, regardless of home program.  We try to get together periodically for tournaments, or jamborees, or clinics, or college showcases.

A girl playing for the HTX STORM is eligible for Team Texas events as they occur.   These opportunities are made to NOT conflict with STORM events or tournaments.  We encourage all of our players to be aware of and take advantage of Team Texas opportunities.

We call it "Team" Texas because we want the players to connect regardless of their program.  As players advance in age and skill, the pathway to elite play funnels through the state in a single pathway.  Team Texas is a way for the girls to build camaraderie early in their playing careers.

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