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Join the HTX STORM!

  • At this time (April 2022), we are several games into the summer season.  We fielded teams at 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U House levels - meaning up thru 2006 birth years.  You can still register for Practice Club and join us on Saturdays for practice.
  • Over the course of the summer, there will be three Team Texas events, one each in Austin, Houston, and Dallas.   These events will be open to all STORM players from either Fall or Summer rosters.  Their costs are NOT included in the summer registration.  Registration will be done individually for each of the three events.  See the "Team Texas" page under the Home menu.
  • Over the course of the summer, we will be holding occasional clinics, Try Hockey Free events, and other "one-off" ice sessions.  Keep an eye out for what interests you!
  • Fall season announcements below.  We are offering House teams at all levels, and a 10U Tournament team identical to 2021-2022.  New this year will be SELECT Teams at the 12U, 14U, ad 16/19U Prep levels.  

Fall 2022-2023 Program Details


House teams will play over 4 year spans, against boys teams in Houston House League.  20 Games, 40 house practices, 20 HTX Storm Practices.

10U Tournament Team will play in 2 Dallas "House" tournaments - "Turkey Shoot" and "Top Shelf" (8 games).  HTX Storm 10U Girls are the defending Top Shelf 10U Champions.

Select Teams will be try-out, true ages, at the 12U, 14U, and 16/19U Prep levels.  They will play 12 additional games over 3 all-girls tournaments, plus a TBD number of "friendlies" against all-girls teams in Texas (Team Texas, Texas Heat, Dallas Stars, etc.).  Approximately 10 additional practices over HTX Storm practices.

2022-2023 Team Options

2022-2023 House Hockey!

The HTX Storm will offer House teams at all age levels in Fall 2022-2023

- 8U 

- 10U

- 12U

- 14U

As before, 4-year age spans will be used depending on skill, size, team size, and competitive balance.  Leveling will occur in August, shortly before the season begins.

More information to come on registration and jerseys.


10U Tournament Team (2022-2023)

There will be a 10U Tournament Team made up of "true-age" House players to compete in co-ed House Tournaments.  The Girls compete well in this format, having won the "TOP SHELF" Championship in 2021-22, and Runner Up in the "TURKEY SHOOT" in 2021-22.

10U Tier II All-Girl Tournament opportunities generally do not exist for girls at this age level.  This team will play "friendlies" against Austin and Dallas Girls as available.

Dallas Stars Tournaments

- House Tournaments -

2022-2023 HTX STORM SELECT Teams

New in 2022-23, the HTX Storm will offer a SELECT program for 12, 14, and 16-19U players.

Try-outs will be held July 30 at Aerodrome, 3:40pm.  Selections made same day, and contracts due within 3 hours of selections or spot will be offered to next player.

The Select Teams will play an all-girl game schedule of about 12-18 games, be invited to all Saturday Storm practices, and have about 10 additional dedicated team practices.  3 Tournaments, plus in-state friendlies.  Individual teams may opt for more tournaments at the discretion of the Coach and the HTX STORM Hockey Director.

Try-out absences will still be considered for the team on a case-by-case basis.  Those wishing to be considered for a STORM Select Team, but are unable to attend try-outs, must do the following:

1) Register (and pay the $25 fee) for the try-out on our registration link; this will ensure your interests are clearly understood, and will not be forgotten/unknown/misinterpreted.

2) Contact either Hockey Director Mike Zeibaq or HTX Storm President Kevin Brown and advise on player's absence.

This is modeled after and consistent with the Houston Wild try-out policy.

Mike Zeibaq

Mike Zeibaq

Director of Hockey Programs

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown


HTX Storm embroidered jerseys set will be required for SELECT players.

Try the HTX Storm

Are you a current ISHL, Wild, or House player and wondering what this is all about?

Are you in a private lessons or Learn to Play and want to see if you're ready to join the HTX Storm Club Practices?  Or a Team?

Are you visiting from out of town, or moving to Houston soon, and want to see what the Girls Hockey scene is all about?

Try a Single-Session practice at no cost!  

  • This is NOT intended for "pay as you go" - there is no such thing for the HTX Storm.   
  • This is also NOT for "Try Hockey" players - completion of Learn to Play is expected for this session.  We do expect you to have a USA Hockey number to participate in this practice.  We will have other events for our "Try Hockey" level skaters - keep an eye open!

Team Texas Events

See the Team Texas Page for details and registrations.

Mike Zeibaq

Mike Zeibaq

Director of Hockey Programs